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Mission: To certify online businesses, create a model for trust, and to provide a realtime "seal" or digital certificate of authenticity to further ecommerce on the World Wide Web.


SecureBiz is committed to ensuring high standards of business conduct throughout the online business community through a rigorous certification process. SecureBiz members, large, small, facilities based and virtual, are dedicated to providing high quality service to customers and are expected to meet and maintain a set of business practices. Upon certification, a SecureBiz member is entitled to display the SecureBiz seal of approval on their web site. By clicking on this digital certificate, a potential customer can authenticate and verify a SecureBiz member. Authentication is realtime and can only come from www.securebiz.securelook.com where SecureBiz members are maintained in a database.


 SecureBiz certification for online businesses is important to create a transparent model for trust throughout the industry. It is a way to ensure that customers gain confidence by doing business with companies that are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Quality is not dependent upon the size or tenure of a firm, but by commitment to excellence. By displaying the seal, SecureBiz members demonstrate their commitment to customers and the online business community at large. SecureBiz is proud to play a role in the growth of online businesses worldwide.


SecureBiz objectives are to define a set of inclusive yet stringent business standards that benefit companies as well as consumers. The underlying philosophy is to create and sustain a competitive, innovative and quality-driven approach to business. You may view the standards by "clicking" on the Application or Standards links. Each applicant is screened and verified by a SecureBiz representative according to the application criteria. The purpose of the Application is to verify business legitimacy. After a company is verified by our staff and meets the SecureBiz standards, instructions on how to apply the SecureBiz seal to the company's web site are sent to the email address of the contact person listed on the application. The SecureBiz URL identified on the application is entered into the SecureBiz database. Visitors to a SecureBiz member's web site will be able to "click" on the seal and receive real-time authentication from www.SecureBiz.securelook.com only.


 SecureBiz is dedicated to maintaining the free spirit of the Internet and creating an environment which allows all quality businesses, large or small, to prosper. Transparency is important to establish an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Disclosure of a company's business information is as essential to this process as secure encryption technology. SecureBiz does not compare or rate online businesses with respect to their products and services. The sole objective is to certify that online businesses have met the SecureBiz standards in order to protect consumers and contribute to industry confidence in doing business online. Due diligence by the SecureBiz staff is essential.


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